Our Services

Our Services

A Malaysian Full Service Pest Control Company Like No Other

All our pest control services are executed by experienced exterminators using the latest technology to ensure maximum results and satisfaction.

Termite Pest Control Malaysia

Extensive termite activities can destroy valuable documents, cause electrical short-circuits and consequently fires.

Mosquitoes Pest Control Malaysia

Mosquitoes are known to spread diseases, especially dengue. Proper control is needed to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Flies Pest Control

Flies are disease-borne pests that can cause many health hazard. Flies control is important for food safety.

Ants Control

Stings from ants can be a threat to babies and toddlers. Rats are known to carry diseases that are risky towards the human.

Cockroaches Pest Control Malaysia

Cockroaches are disease-carrying pests that can impart stains, unpleasant odious and a threat to human well being.

Rats Pest Control Malaysia

Rats are known to carry diseases that are risky towards the human. Rats infestations needed to be to solve immediately.

Birds Pest Control Malaysia

Birds can be an indirect pest issue for home and business owners. They are often known for public disturbance.

Bedbug Pest Control Malaysia

Bedbugs are common in Malaysia especially in high risk public areas, including hotels and cinemas.

safer & better

Uniquely Unique

Introducing two of our newest services for a safer and more relaxed living.

Misting Services Malaysia
Disinfectant Misting Services

An improved misting formula that effectively removes 99.9% of bacteria and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Business Signature Scent
Premium Scenting Services

With over 1,000 scent range, you can now create a unique ambiance and special mood specially created for you.


We Handle It All


Air Deodorizer

In hygienic lifestyle, people now a day more aware of their environment, topic such as IAQ has become an important issue. This unit incorporated with advance electronic devices that will solves your malodorous problems and made atmosphere fresh and clean.


Soap Dispenser

Our soap dispensers are designed to achieve the highest standard hygiene care with using a tube system for dispensing. With leak-proof and trouble-free operations, it will be very cost efficient and dependable when it comes to reliability and long lasting performance.


Urinal Sanitizer

The Auto Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser provides an automatic and hygienic maintenance program for toilets and urinals, 24 hours per day. It reduces and prevents scale and stains from forming and kills germs. It has a touch-free operation and eliminates the build up of odors.


Sanitary Disposal

The Sanitary Bin System contributes to a more pleasant, hygienic workplace; for a more conductive environment and a positive image for your establishment.


Floor Matting

Be hygiene! Please clean your Foot before enter buildings. A mat will help reduce unnecessary dust, dirt or wetness entering into your building.


UV Light Trap

Their unique and decorative front covers hide the glue board and insect catch, providing discreet and environmentally friendly fly control, ideal for domestic and front-of-house applications. 


Perfection Pest Management

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