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About Mosquitoes

  • Adaptable, living in shade or sunny areas and breed in stagnant water within one week.
  • Can be active both in the day and at night and can fly a few kilometres.
  • Mosquitoes seek their prey by the exhaled carbon dioxide and warmth of our bodies.

Danger Caused By Mosquitoes

  • The transmitter of numerous human diseases which can cause death if untreated, such as Malaria & Dengue.
  • Seek out humans for a blood meal.

Control Method

  • Sanitation and habitat elimination are keys to managing.
  • Mist Blowing or Fogging of all potential breeding grounds and harbourages for immediate extermination.
  • Spraying larviciding treatment on all the water stagnant area.
  • Mosquito trap is a good choice to install at the internal area.

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