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What is Perfect Disinfection Misting Service?

Staying healthy and safe is keeping many people on their toes and concerned about their hygiene, health and well-being. Perfect has designed an effective treatment for preventive and post-incident disinfection services for all types of businesses — offering peace of mind to all.

Special improved formulated disinfectant is used during the chemical misting. It has been used by healthcare, pharmaceutical and bio-science industry due to its rapid and wide spectrum killing effect against pathogenic microorganisms.

The disinfectant will quickly dispose into the air and strong oxidized also can effectively react and attack microorganisms on the surface and air. For completion, the process will take approximately 3 to 5 hours (half hour misting time and three hours ventilation).

What are Perfect Multi-Surface Disinfectants?

Perfect Multi-Surface Disinfectants is unique sanitizer due to its active ingredient and concentration. 

It contains Benzalkonium Cloride (BKC) at 500ppm and Didecyldimentylammonium Cloride (DDAC) at 500ppm.

Therefore, making it 5x more effective against most common pathogens and gems in the air (as per the recommended working dosage of active ingredient by NEA).

Four benefits of using disinfection protection

Normal Disinfection

Most regular disinfection doesn’t last long and are not effective in the long run (need constant reapplication)

Professional Disinfection Services Melaka

Microbes are known to stay on surfaces for days and even weeks

Disinfection Services Melaka

Using professional-grade disinfection helps to remove bacteria and other harmful gems effectively

Disinfection Services Malaysia

Detailed and thorough sanitising and disinfection services help to promote wellbeing and keeping the environment safe

Why choose Perfect Disinfection Misting Services?

An improved formulation that can effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria and germs used for disinfected and sanitation at the same time to against bacteria, viruses and fungi in just 5 minutes.

A disinfectant that is recognized by the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) and worldwide choice for Emergency Virus Diseases Control

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