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Pest Control In Skudai

Pests like cockroaches and rats can be easily spotted in Skudai. Our pest control team in Skudai will provide a few solutions that are tailor-made for the pest problem. Skilled cleaners will place poisoned bait to lure out the pest from the hiding spot and deal with the carcass neatly. We also only utilize organic pesticides to reduce the impact to the environment.

Termites are one of the pests that can cause serious structural damage to homes and industrial buildings here. Termites loves moisture and wood, so it pretty hard to chase them off completely from any home. Our termite control team in Skudai provides free termite inspection that will help to determine the severity of termite issue in the area. Then, our team employs a mixture of government-approved insecticides to kill termites as best as they can. In most cases, our team set up bait stations in strategic points of the home. Termites then carry back the bait to the colony and spread the bait to the whole population. This eliminates termites more effectively than other methods.

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About Skudai


Skudai is a suburb in Iskandar Puteri, Johor. This town is a part of the new growth corridor of southwest Johor.  Some of the attractions in Skudai include, The Haunted House, Escape Room Johor and Hutan Bandar. Skudai houses the Paradigm Mall Johor and home to the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Campus


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