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Kulai is a town in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Gunung Pulai in this town is one of Johor’s most famous hiking attractions. Other attractions include Rainforest Tree House, Star Fish Leisure Farm, Kelapa Sawit Mural and 5D Art Studio. This town is surrounded by rubber and palm oil estates and agriculture is the main economic sector here. Pests like rats pose huge threat to the economic sectors in this town. Their urine and droppings carry microbial diseases and spread through infection, causing serious health issues like food poisoning, vomiting and even organ damage. Hence, disinfection service is the best solution to combat pest issues. Use of pesticides and other techniques can help in pest control for this town. Our pest control team in Kulai will provide a few solutions that are tailor-made for the pest problem. Skilled cleaners will place poisoned bait to lure out the pest from the hiding spot and deal with the carcass neatly. We also only utilize organic pesticides to reduce the impact to the environment.

Termite issue is also a serious concern in Kulai town. Termites rarely emerge from the soil or mud tubes through which they tunnel, making people unaware of their silent presence until they spot a swarm or come across wood damage. People also usually come across small sand-like grain particle piling up on the floor, which indicates a sign of active infestation. Our termite control team in Kulai employs termite baits which uses a mixture of insecticides that can infect and wipe an entire termite colony.

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