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Malaysia's Premium Pest Control Experts

Solve your pest control problems once and for all with our state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals.

About Us

Your Friendly Pest Control Partner

Since 2014, Perfectional Pest Solution had been working tirelessly with both large brands and household owners in permanently solving pest control problems. Operating in all major states in Malaysia, we are a dedicated team of professional pest control experts that work around the clock to craft smiles on our clients’ faces.

Konica Minolta
Bank Muamalat
Renaissance Hotels and Resorts
Novotel Hotels and Resorts

Beyond Dedication

We take pest control services to a whole new level.

Perfectional Pest Solution
We believe in cost-effective integrated pest control service characterized by seven core concepts.
We offer professional service specialize in getting rid client's home or business of unwanted pests in a timely, professional and reasonably priced manner. Our well-trained certified technicians have the experience and professional training to handle invasive pest's problem of any size.
After several years of experience and continuous innovate, Perfect Pest Control carry the most effective, safer, low-odour application treatments method that the competitors on the market, always striving to improve, maintain and preserve our client's facilities.
"Brand is experience; the experience is brand." To ensuring value for money, our company priorities client's experiences. We promise to develop a post-sale strategy that makes our clients feel they are part of our brand, rather than a paying client.
Perfect Pest Control always uses the right people for the right job by making sure they bring our company's name with a credible professional image, focus and take clients concerns seriously through active communication to provide the right solutions to achieve ultimate clients'satisfaction.
Our tailored solution is often device a productivity and efficiency pest control solution. When you work with Perfect Pest Control for your commercial pest control needs, you get the peace of mind as you're using a company with high standards for safe pest control service.
As a business, our company success is dependent on how you feel about our products and services. At Perfect Pest Control, we strive to care and to serve our customers with enthusiasm and dedication; we are committed to taking care of our customer's facilities and the results you need to achieve.
We are often transparent, attentive to listen, consistency and dedicated ourselves to earning the trust and respect of our clients. Choose Perfect Pest Control, your only pest control solution company.
Our Services

More Than Just A Pest Control Company

We take pest control seriously and there is no such thing as petty. We provide the best possible pest control solutions for our clients so that they can sleep better at night.

Misting Services Malaysia
Misting Services

An improved misting formula that effectively removes 99.9% of bacteria and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Business Signature Scent
Business Scents

With over 1,000 scent range, you can now create a unique ambiance and special mood specially created for you.

Termite Pest Control Malaysia

Extensive termite activities can destroy valuable documents, cause electrical short-circuits and consequently fires.

Mosquitoes Pest Control Malaysia

Mosquitoes are known to spread diseases, especially dengue. Proper control is needed to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Flies Pest Control

Flies are disease-borne pests that can cause many health hazard. Flies control is important for food safety.

Ants Control

Stings from ants can be a threat to babies and toddlers. Rats are known to carry diseases that are risky towards the human.

Cockroaches Pest Control Malaysia

Cockroaches are disease-carrying pests that can impart stains, unpleasant odious and a threat to human well being.

Rats Pest Control Malaysia

Rats are known to carry diseases that are risky towards the human. Rats infestations needed to be to solve immediately.

Birds Pest Control Malaysia

Birds can be an indirect pest issue for home and business owners. They are often known for public disturbance.

Bedbug Pest Control Malaysia

Bedbugs are common in Malaysia especially in high-risk public areas, including hotels and cinemas.

Location that we provide pest control, sanitization and disinfection services : 

Kuala Lumpur


Shah Alam



Petaling Jaya






Perfection Pest Management

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