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Pests are creatures that cause a nuisance to people, especially in their homes and workplace. Flies, bed bugs, rats, and cockroaches carry microbial diseases and infect people, causing health issues like allergy and food poisoning and leading to death.

Termites are one of the pests that can cause serious structural damage to homes and industrial buildings. Termites rarely emerge from the soil or mud tubes through which they tunnel, making people unaware of their silent presence until they spot a swarm or come across wood damage. People also usually come across small sand-like grain particle piling up on the floor, which indicates a sign of active infestation. Best form of termite control includes liquid soil-applied termiticides and termite baits. Termite baits are the preferred method as it eliminates termite colony. Besides this, wood treatments which uses borates as a spray on application during new construction site to protect wood are also undertaken as a preventive measure against termite attack.

Pest control and termite control is the best step to protect the health of the residents and the household. We provide pest control and termite control in Kluang begins with the surveying stage, where a team of experts inspect the home or workplace to determine the severity of the pest infestation. Then, the team will provide a few solutions that are tailor-made for the pest problem. Biological or chemical methods can do pest control. 

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About Kluang

Kluang or formerly known as Keluang, is a town in the district of Kluang, Johor. Founded in 1915 as the administrative capital of central Johor by the British rule, Keluang derived its name from the Malay word ‘keluang’, which referred to a type of flying fox or a fruit bat, which used to be abundant in this district some time ago. Beginning from a rubber plantation background, Kluang’s economy now has become palm oil and has some of the country’s largest organic farms. Farms such as Zenxin Organic Farm, UK Agro and Kahang Organic Rice Farm has been developed into tourist attraction spot in this town. Pest issues like rats and other insects can spoil the crops and spread diseases to the visitors if the hygiene standards were neglected. So, the organic farm management needs to focus on biological pest control to eliminate the threat efficiently without harming the environment


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