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Pests are creatures that cause a nuisance to people, especially in their homes and workplace. Flies, bed bugs, rats, and cockroaches carry microbial diseases and infect people, causing health issues like allergy and food poisoning and leading to death. Pest control is the best step to protect the health of the residents and the household. We provide pest control and termite control in Batu Pahat begins with the surveying stage, where a team of experts inspect the home or workplace to determine the severity of the pest infestation. Then, the team will provide a few solutions that are tailor-made for the pest problem. Biological or chemical methods can do pest control. 

Our pest control team in Batu Pahat will provide a few solutions that are tailor-made for the pest problem. Skilled cleaners will place poisoned bait to lure out the pest from the hiding spot and deal with the carcass neatly. We also only utilize organic pesticides which is safer for food processing factories and does not pose any health risk to the consumers through the food

Providing Pest Control Services

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Providing Pest Control Services



About Batu Pahat

Batu Pahat is a district in the state of Johor, Malaysia.  The capital of this district is Bandar Penggaram. The town acquired the name Batu Pahat, which means “chiselled stone”, from the quarries the estuary. This town was renowned for the salted fish production in the past. Penggaram Square Batu Pahat is the landmark of this town. This district’s economic activities are furniture manufacturing, food processing and agrotourism. Pest issues like rats and cockroaches affect the cleanliness standard in food processing procedures in this district. Their urine and droppings carry microbial diseases and spread through infection, causing serious health issues like food poisoning, vomiting and even organ failure.


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